Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is @thelimskitchen about?
@thelimskitchen is all about sharing the food we cook, the food we love and the food we eat with our friends and family
2. What is sourdough bread?
Sourdough is an ancient bread-making technique utilising natural yeast over a long period of fermentation which enhances the digestibility of the bread for the consumer. Sourdough bread is thought to be a version of bread friendlier for consumers with non-Celiac gluten sensitivity and other gut-related ailments.
3. How do I place an order?
Orders can be placed through our online portal. Your order will be confirmed by via email after payment has been verified. Orders have to be made at least 3 days in advance prior to desired consumption date.
4. Why do I need to place my order 3 days ahead of pick up?
The sourdough fermentation process takes up to 54 hours and we make our loaves to order.
5. When are ordered loaves available for delivery?
Deliveries are usually scheduled between 1030-1400hrs depending on driver availability
6. Is @thelimskitchen Sourdough Bread sour?
Our standard @thelimskitchen Family Sourdough Loaf has a moderate level of sourness arising from the fermentation process.
7. My DM has been read by @thelimskitchen but I haven't gotten a reply. Am I being ignored?
No! Every enquiry, customer and order is very important to us. However, we are a small home-based business and have to tend to household affairs and our high-energy 1 year-old toddler – all on top of having to take orders, procure raw materials and managing the bread-making process. We will prioritise enquiries on existing orders. Please be patient with us and allow us to get back to you.
8. Can you waive delivery fees?
Unfortunately not. Please consider grouping orders with friends to economise the delivery fee as it is chargeable on a “per address” basis. Alternatively, do consider purchasing our bundle packages to maximise the “return” on your delivery costs.
9. How do I make payment?
Payment is strictly via Paynow for ease of record keeping and to minimise contact in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic.
10. Are other flavours available?
Please stay tuned for updates.
11. How large are your loaves and how many slices of bread does one loaf contain?
Approximately ~700g pre-baked (12-16 slices)
12. How many servings do your butters/spreads yield?
Approximately 8-10 half slices of bread depending on the individual consumer(s). Our butters are packed into 50g portions and one portion is included loaf of bread ordered. Our butters are kept frozen to ensure that they last the delivery process and not arrive at its destination in a puddled greasy mess.
13. How many servings does your Crab ‘Slaw’ yield?
200g of the Crab “Slaw” yields approximately 6-10 servings depending on portion sizes.
14. Should I get the microgreens/edible flowers add-on for the Crab ‘Slaw’?
Yes. These locally-farmed produce are not only aesthetically-pleasing but add flavour to the dish! They make for a pretty gift to your loved ones.
15. Do @limskitchen products contain allergens?
Our standard country loaf is made with only flour, water and salt. However, our kitchen is also used to handle pork, dairy, eggs, nuts, shellfish and other allergens Please inform us if there are ANY food allergies to be concerned with Our loaves are meant to taste heavenly, not send you to heaven.
16. Did @thelimskitchen cultivate its own starter?
Larry Jr, our beloved starter was in fact given to us by a chef who was not only generous with his starter, but also his time and knowledge. Our loaves today would not have been possible without him. We would love to name him but worry it might be inappropriate. Chef, you know who you are😉
17. How long will your sourdough last and how should it be stored?
Our loaves can typically last 2-3 days in an air-tight container at room temperature. We recommend slicing your loaves, cling-wrapping each slice, and freezing them in your refrigerator. To avoid wastage, eat more, eat faster.
18. Are you able to slice your bread for me?
Yes, but subject to the volume of orders for the day. We highly recommend you slice the loaves yourselves because the sliced bread tends to dry out faster. We have cut up our loaves without the use of specialised serrated bread knives and/or kitchen scissors and found that the bread tastes exactly the same😉 . If you fear butchering your bread, simply order more for practice 😜.