The Lims’ Kitchen

Our Story

At the Lims’ Kitchen, we love cooking for and feeding those we love. We hope to bring our family’s warmth and hospitality into your homes through our food.

Our Bread

The Lims’ Kitchen started experimenting with the sourdough bread making process in July 2019 after we were gifted a starter, which coincidentally shared our father’s name, “Larry”. Scores of failed loaves and full tummies later, we now better understand the process of bread making.

More than anything, we miss our father’s food. He has been unwell for some time, and eating “Larry’s” loaves and breaking bread as a family has brought us comfort in a strangely poetic way.

Dad always loved sourdough bread from his travels to San Francisco and used to tell us how he loved it when the bread was used as a bowl for chowder. Ironically, he has never tasted our homemade loaves but our fingers are crossed that he will get well soon! We hope that when you bite into one of our lovingly hand-crafted loaves, you will feel our family’s warmth and hospitality!